A Civic Engagement Enterprise For Accessible Cities

We believe in empowering people with underrepresented accessibility needs to choose between opportunities instead of opportunity costs, by engaging people across the accessibility spectrum to focus towards universal access in cities, and catalyzing city-level research-to-action efforts open to people from all walks of life. 

4 Days 4 Lines catalyzes civic engagement efforts such as audits of public transit systems, publication and dissemination of user-centered posters, neighbourhood accessibility tagging, and community ideation sessions.

Where is your city along the accessibility spectrum?


Omer Juma is a relentless believer in the power of collaboration, co-creation, and positivity. With the goal of making our city more people-oriented, and an interest in photography, he set out on the journey of 4 Days 4 Lines. This involved surveying all 68 metro stations and trekking up and down 8600+ stair-steps to start this initiative around social cohesion and urban design.

Here’s how Montrealers are navigating through their metro system with ease by using user-centred posters for each station helping them plan their trips based on their accessibility needs. Our commitment to improving and promoting accessibility extends beyond the public transit system of our city. Universal accessibility means destinations as well as every way to get there are fully adapted to all levels of ability. And, since this matters everywhere, after our Montreal audit, Toronto and Vancouver were a natural next step.

We love finding new barriers to remove.

So what can we do for your city?